Well you’re probably thinking, “what is he doing again”. To tell you the truth I enjoy this relaxing way of working with the computer.

You see in my work I’m often busy fixing problems and at the end of the day you don’t really see the fruits of your labour. Well with I’m learning lots and seeing some nice things in return.

I’ve been busy with sites for a while, have a look at some of the site I made before. These sites are not active anymore but you could see a print screen of them


Knowing you was the first site I made after reading a Dummies book about building sites. I used Microsoft Front Page to make this site completely from scracth in plain HTML. It was so cool “I thought”

After Knowing you I thought of using somescript stuff. Most of which I learn from tutorials from the internet. The “God Loves You!”message moved back an forth in that box.

But then I thought of adding an e-mail and photos to the site which brought me on the idea of So I started looking for stuff on the internet that would help me put photos and so on websites. I came acros JAlbum, A really great tool, works great. But…. {yeah here we go again} I didn’t have much time for it and it was lots of hard HTML code.


After looking around I came across this really great soloution, for me at least. It is Joomla a CMS (Content Management Systeem) that allows me to add stuff easily and use the website to make and present nice stuff. Now the stuff all depends and how much time I have on my hands but it’s coming along.

Nice hey….!

Best regards,