I read Revelation 1
John was in the spirit on the Lord’s day…and certain things happened.
  • John heard a great voice as the voice of a trumpet.
  • When we are in the spirit we will hear what the voice of the Lord is saying.
  • His voice will always point back to His word and Himself  “I am the Alpha and Omega”
  • As we stay in the presence of the Lord… we begin to see prophetically…. the seven churches.. we must write it down!
  • As we continue in His presence we see more and more of Him….His hair white as wool…whiter than snow, His eyes as flames of fire, His feet as fine brass and we HEAR His voice as the sound of many waters.
  • vs 17…”and when I saw Him I fell at His feet as dead..And He laid His right hand upon me…..and He said I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST…”
Today we can be in the spirit :
  • We can HEAR Him
  • We can SEE Him
  • We can be TOUCHED by HIm…HE Lays his right hand upon us
  • We can be TASTE  and see that the Lord is Good…and be AFFIRMED that HE is “THE I AM THAT I AM”
And I love this part…
vs 19….write the things which you have seen,(PAST) the things which are, (PRESENT)  and the things which will be hereafter (FUTURE).
We are in God’s hands…past, present and future!!!
Walk in the Spirit today… God wants to show us HIMSELF.