The Rampersads
Dordrecht, the Netherlands, January 2010

Happy New Year and a blessed 2010 to you, from me and my family!

I have some news to share with you. But first I like to look back with you. Fourteen years ago my parents received a letter from my sister inviting them to visit her on a ship called Logos II owned by OM (Operation Mobilization). My parents couldn’t visit my sister at that time, so I took the opportunity instead. From that moment on my life has never been the same. I joined Logos II, and sailed with the ship for over two years.

As a result here I am now, living in the Netherlands, happily married, father of four lovely children, active at both church and work. Then and still I am learning more about God’s love for me, and how I can trust Him and His guidance for my life. Trusting Him to provide for ALL my (our) needs.

For the last eight and a half years I’ve been working in the Netherlands at the ICT department of a clinic for addicts called “De Hoop”. Remarkable how that came to be, and how I have gotten the opportunity to take a hobby and make it my job. Because ten years ago Joyce and I came to the Netherlands with the plan that I would study to become a deck officer, so we would be a bigger asset when we would rejoin OM Ships. But after a few months here in the Netherlands it was clear to us that a maritime career was not actually what God wanted. Joyce and I were confused with what was happening and always felt that there was more to us coming to the Netherlands. Did we hear God correctly? Was coming to the Netherlands something that God wanted?

Over the years we often wondered what God was doing but it seems that God knew exactly what He was doing. At De Hoop, I was able to study and become quite adequate in the IT world, if I may say so myself. Through Gods grace I was able to learn what I did. And at this moment there is a big need for IT workers in OM.

And obviously here comes the news part: Both Joyce and I feel that God is moving me in the direction of rejoining OM, while Joyce stays working at de Hoop. Over the last year we had various talks with both OM and our church. And we came to the conclusion that, I would join OM in 2010, with the blessing of our church. This means that I would join the OM Dutch field office where I would be responsible for the computer network and all that it entails, since OM, just like any other organization, needs a well functioning computer network to be able to function properly. I would also be managing the website for the Dutch office. My first project would be to install and configure a newer server for the network.

In 2010 I hope to be leaving De Hoop to rejoin OM. OM, short for Operation Mobilization, is an international nonprofit mission’s organization. The purpose of OM is:

“motivating and equipping people to share God’s love with people all over the world. OM seeks to help plant and strengthen churches, especially in areas of the world where Christ is least known.[1]

On joining OM, we will also be sending out a newsletter, to keep you posted as we embark in this adventure. Of course you could visit us here for more updates as well. Joining OM is a big step we are taking; it’s quite exciting but also scary. I mean who would now think of resigning from a job to take on work where you would have to raise support to pay your salary, while taking care of a family. It’s scary but I’m trusting God.

God bless,
Ronie Rampersad.

The Rampersads

[1] From the OM website