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Yesterday Jantina and I could present our first book to family and friends. We did not know what to expect but look back on a nice event.

When Jantina and I were working together we sometimes shared about our dream to one day write a book. Both of us felt that, that was something God put on our hearts. But we hadn’t the foggiest idea how that would ever become reality. So imagine my surprise when one day a co-worker came to me and asked if I would be willing to write a book. She had been doing research for a book, but was leaving to go into missions with her husband, so she wanted someone else to continue this project. I was amazed at her question and honored as well. But me? Writing a book? Right?!

So I thought about it, thought of Jantina and asked if I could have a co-writer for this book. Thankfully the answer was yes, and Jantina also just needed like 10 seconds to think of it. This is how about 2 years ago we embarked on the adventure to write a book.

And not just any book, it had to be about alcohol problems and we had to include 5 interviews and use the material from these interviews throughout the book. Soon after we agreed to write this book we met the editor and got some more details. That same year 2 students were found by the editor/publisher who would be interviewing people for the book. So Jantina and I got together and started writing.

It’s quite amazing to now have the end product in our hands. Especially since we sometimes thought it would never be finished. We never could have imagined all that is necessary to write a book and how many people are involved in that process. Or how much time goes by with waiting. Waiting for the interviews to be done, waiting for feedback, waiting for the front cover, waiting for the reading proof and so on.

The waiting is over, or isn’t it? Yeah the book is out, it’s been shipped to stores and now I guess we can be waiting for feedback from people who actually read it, I hope Smile.

A Dream come true

We hope that our book will touch lives and help people to change things around in their lives. To be set free from the need to drink alcohol. Or to effectively deal with their spouse who drinks too much. People who have the feeling something isn’t quite right in their lives (concerning alcohol) and who will take a good and honest look at themselves and take responsibility to change.

Bestel het boek | Look at photos from the presentation.