Well I’m now in Switzerland with the organization we work for and I’m having a good time. It’s really nice here especially the mountains. But it’s also hard because of the work and the meetings. Even though I think I have the better deal in comparison with Joyce who is at home with the kids.

I miss the family and know they miss me too. 
In this picture I am at one of the locations in Switzerland looking over the village beneath and at the mountains.

There is not lots of snow on the ground but still there is enough to have fun.


This was the view outside of our room on the first morning that we were here. It was a nice sunny day. After a 10 hour drive it was good to get a nice night rest, and waking up to this was a blessing. Then we got to work to get the network up and running.

Here you see one of the location that we set up. We did two other locations like this one that day. It was nice to have some help from a colleague who set up the laptops, while I made the network connection with the head office.